Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Assassination Tango

          This gritty piece is filmed primarily in Buenos Aires,Argentina.Tango is the backdrop along with the city of Buenos Aires itself for this movie.This film is written and directed by Robert Duvall.Duvall also plays the central character John J.Anderson.
          Anderson leads a double life as assassin and businessman/father figure.Anderson is ready to end this dichotomy and settle comfortably with his new love,played by Kathy Baker and her daughter.His booking agent for his assassin jobs offers him one more very lucrative "3-day" hit in Argentina.He agrees to do it.
         Three days turns into three weeks and Anderson discovers a Tango school connected with the boxing gym that is the front for his nefarious activities.He is smitten with the dance and his dance teacher and he interlaces his planning of the hit with dance lessons and an exploration of the Tango lifestyle.
         The tension of the Tango in performance and style serves as metaphor for John Anderson and vice versa.Duvall as writer/director portrays an inner dichotomy of spirit that may be present to a greater or lesser degree in each of us.
         To  fully enjoy this movie,you must be open to the pace that a character study style as used here invokes to move the story.The frenetic pace of todays movies is not present in this film despite moments of tension.
         I give this movie a C+.It is about 10 years old so you will have to search for it on DVD,Netflix or cable movie channels.

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