Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Midnight in Paris

     This is the best movie I have seen so far this summer.Written and directed by Woody Allen and starring Owen Wilson,Rachel McAdams and the French Actress,Marion Cotillard as the central characters, we are given a tour of Paris that is most imaginative.Since Woody Allen is in my opinion one of the masters of ensemble film work there is of course no shortage of talent in support of our main characters.
     Owen Wilson plays Gil Pender,a successful Hollywood screenwriter,in Paris on his future in-laws dime with his fiance Inez,played by Rachel McAdams.
     Gils big dream is to write a novel and in fact he already has the majority of his manuscript ready.Inez,her parents and two friends, think Gil's desire to live and write in Paris is a hopeless delusion.The two friends by "happy coincidence" appear in Paris at the same time as Gil,Inez and her parents.
     Not surprisingly,Gil does not fit in with the aforementioned group and begins a series of late night walks to lament his feeling that he has been "born too soon" and has missed the "Golden Age" of the 1920's where great writers,artists and poets commiserated in a fabulous time of great artistic achievement.Perhaps some of the magic will rub off on him.The clock strikes Midnight;the magic begins.
     No special effects here-just pure imagination;a seamless progression of story in a most unusual way.Do you know of the artists and writers who have lived and worked in Paris?If you do,you will enjoy this movie all the more.
     I give this movie an A-.I really enjoyed it !

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