Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern

         Spacy; In more ways than one.The story is about an elite intergalactic corps dedicated to fighting evil throughout the universe.The holes in the story,however, leave enough space to fit a galaxy or two.I suppose this is what can happen when you have multiple screenwriters adapting a screenplay from a comic book.
        Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan/Green Lantern,the reluctant hero who has been chosen by "the ring" to save not only earth but the entire universe.In his life prior to being chosen by "the ring" he is a highly talented but somewhat irresponsible test pilot.Then the ring thing happens and he finds he must act without fear to save the universe.
        Blake Lively plays the daughter of Hal Jordans boss at the aeronautics company he works for and she is also a fellow pilot and love interest.
        The story jumps back and forth in an intergalactic ping pong of story bits between earth and the gathering place of Green Lanterns.Hal Jordan eventually embraces his new skills making all well with the mess on earth and destroying the fear monster.
        I did not see the 3D version so I probably missed the full impact of the glowing green suits and other video scenes meant to showcase 3D.
        I would not recommend bringing small children to this movie.Some of the strange creatures and the intense scenes might give them nightmares.
        This story has the basic elements of a screeenplay but they just don't connect in an effective way.
        The best I can give this movie is a C-. If special effects are what you are looking for the 3D version may be your cup of tea but if you need a movie with more story you will go away hungry.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Super 8

       Kids saving the world! Happens all the time-at least in Hollywood.
So here we go again but at least this time the kids do not have magical powers that allow them to wreak havoc on all manner of bizzare enemies out to take over the world.
      Written and directed by J.J.Abrams, this sci fi / action film makes liberal use of special effects as it races to the final meltdown scenes.A story emerges from the rubble and ruin of contiguous catastrophe of a close knit band of filmaker kids who are at once immersed in the overall story while filming their own Super 8 masterpiece.
       The essence of Steven Speilberg literally permeates this film.Think Alien meets Jurrassic Park meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind meets E T. OK,I don't think Speilberg did Alien but he is a producer on this one and if you have seen his films you will know his work.
       Overall this is an enjoyable movie,a few bad words and some references to marijuana pushed the rating out to PG 13.
        The young cast that form the central ensemble of this movie work well together, relegating the adult cast as just so much window dressing and back story to highlight their adventure.Enjoy the film ! I give it a C+.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome to my Movie Blog

Hi Movie Fans !

       Thanks for visiting my blog.I love movies and I want to share my movie experiences with you.I like movies on the big screen but I also like checking out movie classics on TV and DVD.
       I'll review current box office choices,movies of the last decade or so and what I consider some of the true film classics.
       I check out the trailers when I go to the movies and I only pick the ones that hold at least some reasonable promise of entertainment and story value as my next movie experience.
       I will be posting on some recent films soon.

                                                                                   Rolling !  Action !          Julie