Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain America:The First Avenger

Directed by-Joe Johnston

Chris Evans--Steve Rogers/Captain America
Hayley Atwell--Peggy Carter
Tommy Lee Jones--Colonel Chester Phillips
Hugo Weaving--Johann Schmidt/Red Skull

     Captain America shoots straight;both the character himself and the story line.Good and evil are clearly defined in this comic book inspired sci/fi,action film.I wondered how yet another film based on a comic book would be of any reasonable interest to movie goers but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.The story and characters are simple but the execution of the story maintains a pleasant and interesting pace that draws us into the quest of our characters and holds our interest.
     This movie is a period piece that introduces us to the origin of Captain America.The conflict of World War II serves as the historic backdrop to produce soldiers of enhanced capability as America looks for an edge to win the war.A program to produce super soldiers is developed but of course intrigue beyond the mere implementation of the program leads to the singular being who is Captain America.
     As the story unfolds,it is of course,inevitable that Captain America encounter a villain of capabilities to suitably challenge his presence.This is provided in the German counterpart of  Captain America, Colonel Schmidt AKA Red Skull.
     Despite initially being relegrated to the status of a recruitment tool,Captain America's sense of duty eventually must bring him into the ultimate confrontation with Red Skull and his minions of doom.
      Romance with Peggy Carter and a bit of friction between Captain America and the commander of the disbanded super soldier program,Colonel Phillips,round out the story.
       I saw this movie in 2D but it is obvious that some of the scenes were filmed for maximum 3D effect.The movie is available in 3D at many theaters.
       The movie is rated PG-13 due to some scenes of violence but I think it is OK for most young people to see.The movie portrays America and Americans in a positive manner; a sentiment not often seen in many recent Hollywood offerings.
        I give this movie a B.Pretty good for a movie based on a comic book character.


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